Our Story

      The FinTech Cowboys:  5th generation Texas bankers and ranchers (3rd oldest ranch continuously run by the same family est. 1850).

     Dave started his career working for various banks then working in core processing and  Core conversions. After that, Dave worked on the first accounting software (QuickBooks) and was later brought to Sheshunoff to build the first Bank financial data software, launching a whole new industry around bank financial databases. When this business line was sold to Thompson Reuters, Dave stayed on working in M&A.

     Tanner started out as a Data analyst at Financial Information Systems. Later, using his bank analytics background, he joined Malauzai to build the first mobile banking apps; leading in areas including: sales, partnerships, and relationship mgmt. There he delivered over 600 banks and built 3rd party integrations/partnerships to over 350 endpoints – the most extensive FinTech partner ecosystems ever created. Deep understanding of bank integrations, implementations, conversions, and partner ecosystems is foundational to understanding how the industry became what it is today. 

      Dave & Tanner’s background is a veritable history of the evolution of FinTech | Banking | Data. Naturally they came together to build the most FinTech-forward data company in banking, FedFis. The FinTech Cowboys don’t takes themselves too seriously because they are the only thought leaders in the industry that don’t have an opinion – they operate off of facts, math, and data. #FedFisHasTheData

      The FinTech Cowboys industry network is unparalleled.  Their goal is to bring a math based viewpoint as they speak with their FinTech friends & Bank compadres. They bring those expert conversations to the forefront, democratizing fact and filtering through the bullshit and FinTech dipshitery.

      The Cowboys have unique industry visibility and see that community banks are imperative to small businesses and the American dream — it’s their mission to not sit idly by and watch the buffalo go away…

      Thats why they founded the FI FinTech Roundup and the Bankers Helping Bankers Network, to unite community banks through online collaboration driven by FedFis data (banking technology insights and FinTech peer analytics).

The FinTech Cowboys Ecosystem