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The Man Behind The Scenes

So just who is Uncle Sean? Let’s just say without Sean Mayo, we’d be missing the most important and interesting FinTech insights. Everything at FedFis is based on Data, Uncle Sean built the FinTech Analytics platform and knows more about it than anyone you’ve ever met. Sean has been a risk analyst, bank analyst, and bank M&A specialist, who has morphed into a FinTech and sponsor bank expert.  Bringing it all together each week with one-of-a-kind commentary, because there is only one Uncle Sean.  

Weekly headlines with a whole section of bad jokes – you’ll be laughing your ass off all week and be the smartest he/him in FinTech.

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FinTech Cowboys, LLC & FedFis, LLC disclaimer – The views and opinions of Uncle Sean are of his own and may not necessarily represent the views, endorsements, and/or opinions of FinTech Cowboys, LLC & FedFis, LLC – we all know he’s a little bit different; but that’s why we love him.

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